Alice In Thunderdome

by Rob Sonic

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Alice In Thunderdome marks the return of Bronx MC / producer Rob Sonic. Alice In THunderdome is Rob's sixth full length album and third solo album. Almost six years has passed since his last full length and as you will see, a lot has changed since then. He spent much of his time away touring and working on the album, as well as releasing an album with Aesop Rock as a member of the group Hail Mary Mallon.

Some of what you’ve come to expect from Rob Sonic remains, dense word play, “heavy-electric” beats and a unique approach to Rapping are all present and accounted for. The familiarity however, may end there for some, as Rob approaches this album in an entirely different and new way, there is nothing that tries to be Trendy or friendly about this album, it approaches you, introduces itself and immediately gets down to Brass Tacks.

The record has extremely personal touches strategically situated on a canvas of pure aggression, it's as if Rob is offering your senses a truce and launches an attack before they can agree, as high as Rob wants you to get, is as low as you can go, which is after all how many of us live our lives, or at least at some point or another have, we’ve gone in to the Rabbit hole and come out in the wastelands.

Rob is not another Hero

And Alice In Thunderdome is not just another record.


released August 26, 2014

Alice In Thunderdome (Full Credits)

1. Jesus Christ Super Tramp
2. Alice In Thunderdome
4. Freezer Food
5. Killjoy (Feat: Aesop Rock)
6. Everything Bagel
7. Happyland Disco
8. Not For Nothing (Feat: Breeze Brewin of The Juggaknots)
9. Student Bodies
10. Rock Paper Scissors
11. Pep Rally

All Song Written by Rob Sonic (SKYPIMPS MUSIC. SESAC)

# 5. also Written by Aesop Rock (I. Bavitz, 21 BAZOOKA SALUTE SESAC)
# 8. also Written by Breeze Brewin of The Juggaknots
# 1. # 2. # 3. # 4. # 9. # 10. # 11. Produced by (Rob Sonic for SKYPIMPS MUSIC SESAC)
# 5. # 6. # 8. Produced by Edison (Nicholas DeMatteo ASCAP)
# 7. produced by Aesop Rock (21 BAZOOKA SALUTE SESAC)

Additional Drums on # 9. and Piano on # 11. by Edison

Cuts by: DJ BIG WIZ

Breeze Brewin Appears Courtesy of Matic Entertainment.

All Songs Recorded at Fort Freedom, Bronx NY by Rob Sonic

Except for # 7. Recorded at The Barnacle by Aesop Rock and # 8. Recorded at TME STUDIOS Bronx NY By Fred Ones

Mixed by Joey Raia at Night Hunter Studios Brooklyn NY

Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound NYC

Art Direction, Design, and Layout by Bosko Jackson



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